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Payment coins and decorations



Unless mutually agreed otherwise, the invoice is due and payable immediately by floor bidders.
Absentee bidders have to pay within 14 days upon receipt of the shipment or the invoice. Interest of 1 % per month from the date of the auction, shall be payable on invoices not settled within 30 days of the auction date. The title does not pass until lots are paid in full.
As a service for clients in Switzerland and in the States  (USA) we put on the invoice the total sum in Euros and the approximate sum in Swiss franks or US Dollars. The exchange rate is the rate of the day of the auction. Valid is only the total sum in Euros.
1. Cash payment: Floor bidders and clients collecting the auction material from our office may pay in cash. If the client has to pay more than Euro 5.000,-- he must according to law identify himself by a personal document.
2. Credit card: We take VISA, MASTER and AMEX.  To execute this payment we need the number of the credit card and  the expiry. To cover the costs we ask for 3 % of the total sum of the invoice. This method is most economical for payment up to Euros 300/500,- and if the client has not the possibilities to make a bank wire in Euros within the common market. The details of the card can be sent by fax, e-mails or given by phone.
3. Our paypal address is rburg@hdrauch.com. To cover the costs we ask for 4 % of the total sum of the invoice.
4. US Dollar cheques. Clients in the US may send to our office in Vienna cheques in US dollars made out to Hans Dieter Rauch for payment. Cheques in other currencies we do not accept due to the high bank charges.
5. Bank wire. The client has to wire the total sum net to one of our accounts.

  Our banking details:

Name of the bank Address


IBAN Codes

Account no
Österreichische Volksbanken AG 1090 Wien, Peregringasse 3 BIC: VBOEATWW
Postbank München   BIC:PBNKDEFF
Raiffeisenlandesbank Nö-Wien 1020 Wien, F.-W.-Raiffeisenplatz 1 BIC: RLNWATWW
IBAN: AT623200000013080387
Swiss Post Zürich BIC:POFICHBE
Banco Posta Bolzano (Bozen)  Italien BIC:IT73K0760111600000037372372


Hans Dieter Rauch

New York SWIFT Code: CITIUS33
ABA Number:021000089

Auktionshaus H.D. Rauch GmbH - Graben 15, A-1010 Wien, Austria