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BIDDING (floor and E-auction)

The pre bidding can be done in various ways but any method constitutes the acceptance of the following terms.
1) Bid Sheet. (Auktionsauftrag) The bid sheet enclosed in the printed auction catalogue or the bid sheet downloaded from our homepage may be sent by post or fax in time. Deadline for receiving bids is 7 a.m. MEZ on the day of the auction. The client may just send a letter or e-mail with the bids. Bids coming in from Sixbid or by e-mail will be confirmed but not in the two last days before the auction date.

2) Bidding via Internet: The bidder uses the facilities of the online catalogue make his bids. The client gets automatically a confirmation by the computer which should be verified.
The bidder will have a better chance if he gives either/or bids (the bidder writes a group of lot numbers and combines them with “or” because he only wants one lot out of this group) or writes all the lot numbers he would like to have and but limits the sum of the hammer prices.
Please check your bids carefully before sending because the client is responsible for errors in bidding.
There is a difference in handling pre bids between e-auction and floor auction. (Auction terms and conditions
i) for the e-auction the bidding steps must strictly be kept for the written bids. If not then the computer automatically raises in between bids to the next higher step.
ii) neither either/or bids nor the limitation of the bidding sum can be executed.
iii) written bids entered into computer cannot be withdrawn because at the e-auction the pre bidding is public and bidders take these information as basic knowledge for their bidding.

3) Live bidding in real time from the computer at home via internet. New bidders have to register for Live Bidding at least two business days before the auction (register for live bidding). During the auction the auctioneer and the floor can be heard live, every bidding step in Euros and US Dollars as well as the competitors bidding are shown on the screen. The winner gets the information “for your”.
Please keep in mind that in can happen that the auctioneer opens the bidding for a lot a second time due to controversies. The auctioneer will tell this but the client has to participate again.

4) Bidding on telephone live during the auction: Arrangements for bidding on the phone have to be made at least a day before the auction. We will be glad to call you during the auction for the lot numbers we have agreed before. Telephone bidding is accepted exclusively on lots with the starting prices at € 100,- or above. Should the client be not available by phone or the line is interrupted we will bid on behalf of the client at least the starting price or the submitted limit for the lot for which the client requested to be called.
The client cannot make the Auction House responsible if technical problems occur nor can we be made responsible if the auctioneer knocks down a lot before the telephone bidder has decided if he goes on or not. Please be prepared and bid without hesitation. 

5) Floor Bidder: Any client who comes personally to our auction will be asked to register on a bidding card or paddle. If asked the client has to identify himself. The client can view the auction material before and during the auction. (Auction Terms) The floor bidder can ask any time for his invoice and the coins. (Billing)


Auktionshaus H.D. Rauch GmbH - Graben 15, A-1010 Wien, Austria