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Claims coins




Unfortunately errors occur and therefore relevant claims of our clients will be conducted without any much ado. It is important that the items claimed are returned in the same condition as at the time of the auction. Returned items must be housed in their orginal container.

Claims which can be asserted.
Errors in description: If the coin(s) or historical medal(s) do not correspond to the description of the lot in the catalogue concerning the quality, cross errors in grading or number of pieces in a big lot – it must be a remarkable discrepancy - the claims of return must be made within 10 days after receiving the auction material. We would appreciate it to get a notice by phone or e-mail beforehand in order to insure the shipping. If the invoice is not paid yet we will send a new invoice on receipt of the claimed lot. The sole remedy that any participant in the auction shall have for any claim arising out of the auction shall be a refund, without interest, of all or part of the purchase price paid by the buyer.
Counterfeits or Fakes. We guarantee that all coins and medals offered are genuine and according to description in the catalogue. Any claim of lack of authenticity must be made in writing by the original purchaser immediately after the discovery that an item is not authentic. The Auction House offers an unconditional and unlimited guarantee for the authenticity of coins and medals. The authenticity of the coin is warranted up to the total purchase price. In case of dispute we will ask a known expert for his opinion or send the coin to IBBSC in London for approval. The costs shall be born by loosing party. 

Handling with Grading Companies. Coins that have been encapsulated (“slabbed”) by a Grading Companies such may not be returned for any reason, including authenticity. Complaints based on a different quality assessment by Grading-Companies do not entitle the Buyer to cancel his purchase transaction.

Claims which cannot be asserted:
Merchandise bought on the floor. There is the possibility of viewing the auction material 10 days before the auction date and during the auction. Therefore no lots may be returned by floor bidders except for reason of authenticity or repairs of which we were not aware. The argument of the floor bidder that he has not viewed a lot will not be accepted. Coins which are graded as fine or poor cannot be claimed. Also claims of multiple lots will not be accepted unless there is a big discrepancy of the pieces offered and the description made. If a multiple lot should contain per chance a fake coin then this does also not entitel to claim the whole lot (all coins of a lot are usually  
Errors in bidding (written and oral) cannot be claimed also errors due to negligent handwriting or that the lot number does not correspond to the description. Daily - up to one day before the auction - we make proof-readings of the written bids coming in. Errors will be corrected by support of the client if possible. But if we do not realized a mistake we cannot be made responsible for it.
Technical problems by bidding live on phone. If cannot get through or the connection breaks down we are not responsible for it.  We are also not responsible for mishearing or if the auctioneer will not wait for the client’s decision to bid or not.
Live Bidding via Internet. If unexpected technical problems arise, we cannot be made responsible for. If the client bid on a wrong number he himself is responsible for his mistakes.
Grading. (ErhaltungIf the auction house H.D. Rauch GmbH has made cross error in grading (hidden damages such as plucks etc.) the client has the right to return the lot. As already mentioned grading is subjective and therefor difference of opinios in grading cannot be claimed.  Also encapsuladet coins by a third party are sold "as is".

Grading companies: For coins 



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